The Revolutionary Immoblized Enzyme Reactor (IMER)
BioCleave™ ß-Glucuronidase Columns
(On-Line Deconjugation of Glucuronides)

- HPLC on line metabolic systems
- Metabi-Phase and Conji-Phase Columns (coming soon)

Version 2.0 HepatoSoft™ Reaction Phenotyping Software

- For use with the HepatoScreen® Test Kit
- Now with complete donor selection

Version 3.0 HepatoSoft™ Institutional License Edition

- HBI programers will hardcode HepatoSoft™ with your
.. liver bank data
- Saves up to forty man hours of data analysis

GLP Characterized Subcellular Fractions
HepatoSomes? HepatoSNine™

- Human • Primate • Rat • Mouse
- New Human Lung Microsomes and S9

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